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We have opened our office to visitors and made the necessary requirements to keep both our employees and customers safe.

Recent news reports have detailed the spread of a flu-like respiratory disease known as the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our company wanted to update you on the steps we are taking to protect our workers and customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our commitment to the safety of our employees and customers is our number one priority. 


 We have taken steps to insure a safe and clean work environment for all our employees. Increased our cleaning programs in all facilities to ensure all common area locations and commonly touched items are regularly disinfected and continue to frequently use cleaning products including gloves, antibacterial wipes, Lysol disinfectant spray, and disinfectant cleaners. We are aggressively working with our vendors to ensure continued supply of these products.

At this time, we have not experienced any significant disruption to our business. It is our hope that the aggressive actions we have taken to date will allow us to continue to serve our customers without issue. While we believe we will be able to continue timely service, we do wish to advise you of the possibility that your patience may be needed at times due to COVID-19. 
Effective 6/01/2020


At this time, we will begin our bulk pick up schedule. Per our usual guidelines all bulk items must be called in at least the day before your scheduled pick up day and we do ask for payment up front. We will continue NOT to take extra bags outside the receptacle bins and will only be taking bulk items. If there is fabric on any item, we will ask that they are wrapped in plastic for our guys protection. We truly appreciate your business and thank you in advance for your cooperation.


 We ask that you are using our or your own cart to their fullest capacity. Be sure to break down all cardboard and make sure all trash is securely contained in bags and tied tight. Please make sure all container lids on the trash receptacles are closed. Pick up times may vary. At this point in time we will no longer be taking any additional items outside of your own receptacle bins and our carts. This includes extra bags and bulk items.  Be sure to have your trash out the night before your pickup day as we will not be returning for any reason. To provide a cleaner environment for pick up please call into our office and ask about our trash receptacle carts. We truly appreciate your business and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

 Please continue to check our website and Facebook for updates. 

Stay safe we’ll get through this.

Curtis R. Perkins


Be sure to call C. Martin Trucking for all of your roll off needs! We offer large containers for almost any job. Have clutter in your house or garage you’ve been meaning to get rid of or even a home remodel you’re working on and need to rent a dumpster? Call C. Martin Trucking! We provide an array of container sizes based on your needs. Give your local trash company a call to learn about waste services.rash companies near m

Be sure to set your trash out the night before and call in any additional items outside of cart.

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"We believe in providing flexible and efficient trucking, waste, and disposal services at the lowest cost available to you. Just let us know the amount of waste generated and we will assist you in finding the best container for
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A Friendly Reminder: Set your trash out the night before your scheduled pick up day!

If you operate a commercial or industrial business,
C. Martin Trucking is able to provide a personalized assessment for your trash dumpster rental or waste removal needs.

We provide dumpster rental services for commercial sites, industries, construction locations, and businesses in Ohio.

C. Martin Trucking offers Front Load Dumpsters, Waste Compactors and Trash Compaction Containers for rent from sizes starting at 2 to 40 cubic yards.

**Please remember if you have anything that will not fit in your cart you must

Contact the  C.Martin Trucking's office before trash-day.**

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1032 - Medina, Ohio 44258

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C. Martin Trucking offers roll away trash carts in Medina County. These are available for all residential waste customers.

Please read more about residential waste services.


C. Martin Trucking's commercial services include Front Load Containers, Waste Corrals and Compaction Containers.

Please learn more here about commercial waste services.


C. Martin Trucking has many options to help dispose of industrial waste. Trash services include; buy or lease a trash compactor and self-contained compaction containers.

Please read on for more information about trash compactors.

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