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Our unique C. Martin Trucking Roll-Away Trash Carts are specifically manufactured to service our Automated Collection for residents in need of residential waste services in the Medina County, Ohio area.

C. Martin Trucking Roll Away CartsRoll Away Carts

  • Residential trash carts that roll-away help to prevent problems such as animals scattering garbage or adverse weather conditions blowing cans away.
  • The residential trash containers on wheels we offer are nearly indestructible, the lids are attached and snug fitting, preventing odors and lost lids.
  • Having roll-away carts will also greatly improve the working conditions for our route crew while making it easier for customers to get their trash to the curb!
  • The result of the C. Martin Trucking Roll-Away Trash Carts help to provide a cleaner, more attractive environment, as well as better living and working conditions for all concerned.

"Look for our easy to use residential roll-away trash carts in your neighborhood within Medina County."

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Cart placement:

  • Place carts at least three feet apart.
  • Place three feet from parked cars, fences, mailboxes, and other obstructions.
  • Place carts facing the street (silver metal bar toward the street) and the handle facing your house.
  • Place cart wheels as close to the edge of curb/road as possible.
  • The lid of residential trash cart must be closed (flat) or extra charges will be applied.


Automated Waste Collection Services

Please do not place dirt, sod, brick, concrete or rock in the art.

Please do not place anything on top of the carts.

Trash pick-up drivers will use the robotic arm to lift to empty and replace the trash carts without leaving the truck, thus reducing safety hazards and traffic congestion.

Please remove carts from the street as soon as possible after trash pickup day.

Residential Trash Service

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