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Dos and Don'ts for Cart Use


  • Place all trash in the cart.
  • Place all trash in bags before putting the cart.
  • Keep the trash container lid closed.
  • Place the cart as close to the curb as possible on
    collection day.
  • Return the cart to your house when empty.
  • Clean regularly with a garden hose.
  • If the cart is damaged or stolen or if you are planning on moving. Contact us


  • Put hazardous waste, paint cans, oil, etc. in the cart.
  • Put construction debris or yard waste in the cart.
  • Put hot ashes in the cart.
  • Overfill the cart or load with more than 100 pounds of refuse.
  • Pack trash too tightly in the container.
  • Paint or write on the trash cart.
  • Remove the cart from your residence, it is the property of C. Martin Trucking.

Call us at 330-725-5083 if you have any questions about our residential trash services.


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